Why Everybody is Enjoying that Air Freight Advantage

The popularity of air freight services can be attributed to the many advantages that it can give to the people. Not only are you assured that your package will arrive in the best condition, you are also assured that it will be received not a moment too late.

In the past, people were not anymore too happy about sending packages. There were a lot of complaints about lost packages and damaged or missing goods. Those who have not availed of air freight services became wary of using one.

In time, air freight services realized that the only way to maintain customer satisfaction is to provide them with the best of service. In the highly competitive market of today, there is little doubt where customer will put their trust into. And that is for the service that can bring their packages in their desired destination on time and in the best condition.

Other advantages of air freight services.


Having branches around the world is very important. This is because timely reports are needed about the present weather condition in a specific place or location. Since packages are set to be delivered at the certain time, it is vital that it should be delivered as promised.

The air freight service should be updated about weather conditions as well as other important factors that might hinder on-time delivery. Knowing about these factors beforehand, they will be able to consider other methods or strategy so that the delivery will not be compromised.

As long as there are frequent updates on the situations around the world or in the location where the package is headed, customers can expect their shipment to be received safely and on time.


People are not into going out and picking up their packages. This is especially for those who are too busy with other things to bother picking up a package and those who need to take the trip just to get to the pick-up location.

Air freight services offer door-to-door delivery. Now you do not have to leave your home just to get your package. As long as the sender gave out the detailed location, the handler will be able to locate them easily.

These services are equipped with a map of their area. Every street and corner is presented in the map. In addition, the delivery people are highly trained to know the quickest route to the point of destination. The best of the best freight service will even guide the delivery up until the package is delivered at the receiver’s front door.

Anywhere and anytime.

Air freight services are on call whenever and whenever you need them. These services know that when it comes to delivering important things and materials, every second counts.

Some air freight services are even open 24 hours. Their customer service is also on call whenever people want to ask for information or track down their packages.

Wherever you are in the world, you can always find a number of air freight services that will provide you with the kind of service that you need.

Why wait for the next holiday to bring home your package. And why wait for someone you can trust to send that long overdue materials. Make the most of the advantages that air freight services can give you today.

Latin Compras-Air Freight Services

Types of Air Freight Options

Types of Air Freight Options

Due to the inevitable changes occurring around the globe and the need to quickly send and receive various items across countries, the airline industry has birthed a new way of shipment- air freight.

Air freights are basically cargoes on the shipment which are typified into various categories to make shipping more organized and easier. Some primary basis of categorizing air freight are:

§ Type of the item
§ How large is the item, in terms of the number of items in the shipment and size, and,
§ The number of days or hours it takes one shipment to arrive on its pointed destination.

Shipments, on the other hand, are categorized into the following:

Household goods include art pieces, furniture and other similar items which are primarily transported using Household Goods (HHG) carriers such as North American Van Lines and Bekins.

The “Express” category, on the other hand, include personal items and small business goods which are often considered as overnight shipment (or express shipment, express letters, and overnight express). Such transports are carried by shipment companies like FedEx Express, UPS and DHL.

Since most items falling under this category are relatively small and don’t normally weigh heavier than a couple of pounds, they often come in the carrier’s own packaging.

Service levels vary depending on the service offered by the carrier or the personal choice of the shipper. These normally travel by air and may be delivered on the exact day it was sent to the carrier or may take several days of travel.

Packages that are slightly larger and heavier than express items are considered as parcels. These include boxes of shipments, regardless of the content. Carriers like UPS and FedEx Ground provide the services for this type of cargoes. Parcels cover most of the business-to-consumer items and services and don’t often exceed 100 pound-weight category. Since these are relatively small, they often come on the shipper’s or carrier’s own packaging.

Types of services on this category also vary. However, a number of ground shipping can travel for 500 to 700 miles a day in around 3 to four days, depending on the service rendered by the shipper or the service option the customer chose. Such shipments don’t often travel by air, instead they move through road and rail.

Freight shipments cover the largest cargoes in the industry. It is subdivided into two major categories, mainly: LTL of Larger-than-truckload freight and TL or truckload freight.

Less-than-truckload shipments are also known as motor freights. These often cover the bulk of business to business transactions. The range of services vary from carrying 100-pound items up to those not exceeding 15 000 pounds. Since LTL trailers are just as long as 28 inches, most air freights of this kind cannot exceed this length.

Unlike with smaller packages, shipments don’t often come in company packaging.

Truckload freight covers larger shipments from 15 000 pounds to 40 000 pounds with a maximum length of 53 inches. This type of air freight differs from all other categories since these don’t normally stop along the travel and are not intermingled with other shipments. Most are frequently arranged via freight brokers and online marketplaces.

When availing this type of air freight, it is best that one understands in full all the terms covered including the claims, pricing and insurance.

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Popular Air Cargo Freights

In the present day, we usually get and receive our material things from different places around the world. We usually don’t even know that it came halfway around the world before even getting in your possession. We never even bother to think about them of course, this is all done by freight systems around the world, and one of the most popular is air freight. Air freight is usually used for business purposes and convenience.

Once you want to send a package of any content (usually in bulk or big amounts), we typically send them in air cargo freight services. This simply proves to be efficient and will likely be the fastest mode of transportation for your cargo.

These dedicated companies are divided into two divisions; International Freight Forwarders, which ship goods to other countries or Domestic Freight Forwarders which ship goods within one country.

Various methods of shipping goods are simplified on your needs; this depends on the importance of the cargo being shipped. For example, you need to send product samples from Los Angeles to France for verification, hence express cargo would be your choice. Charges will also depend on the value being shipped.

Air Cargo Freight is likely to be a different situation than the mode of the efficiency of cargo being sent in less time, there are many of freight companies in the United States alone, this will likely be a hassle to anybody who wants the best reputable shipping. There are many good choices of freight service companies; however, this will depend upon the fee. Fees is another factor, you can usually compare them online as there are many sites that will offer a good comparison of services in contrast to the shipping fees itself.

The freight is usually measured on gross weight, value which is then sent forth to the carrier’s tariff or rates. This will grant rights to the carrier but will never open the containers or packages. If the particulars are not matching or sent to the wrong address, you will likely pay for the expenses incurred during the examination, measurement of value and the freight charge itself.

In the usage of aircrafts being used, large cargo shipping airlines usually use the latest and greatest but many of them use older models such as the Boeing 707, Boeing 727, Douglas DC-8 just to name a few. Some do use much older models but it involves replacement and strengthening of parts to be usable for cargo services. Some airlines tend to carry a few passengers from time to time to minimize the cost of shipping. Also airline freighters which are dedicated to transportation of goods are mostly divisions or subsidiaries of large passenger airlines.

Notable shipping companies around the world are always on the top of their business, here are some of them which you will likely choose but this article has no connections to any of these companies and does not promote nor advertise them, these are used for reference purposes only.

• Federal Express
• Korean Air
• Lufthansa Cargo
• United Parcel Service
• Singapore Airlines Cargo

You can simply find your best air cargo freight service by your own experience. People will likely choose their local air freight forwarders just for their preference; yours can be different to your liking. Just remember the factors that you need to weigh to get the best out of your money and satisfaction.

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Import Goods for Your Buy and Sell Business

The trading of goods has always been a lucrative business, judging from the fact that numerous businessmen have successfully thrived on int. Through buying and selling of certain items, business import goods from other countries. They have earned their fortunes along with their business tools and strategies.

The goods they buy and sell definitely have to come from other countries to get lower costs. In this case, they have to import goods. A lot of these businessmen have acknowledged the importance of what it is to import goods. The reason why the importation of goods is highly preferable among traders is the fact that they want to get higher margin profit.

To import goods is now easy especially since the world market is now opened up to allow businessmen and entrepreneurs to have many options as to where they want to purchase the products and other materials that they need. With such an influx of manufactured goods, it is logical for businessmen to import goods from low cost producing in countries like China or Venezuela.

With the low prices of these goods and other items, it gets more profitable for traders to sell their products and be more competitive in the market.

Businessmen who are engaging in the trading business and who want to earn more profit and import goods may have some difficulties when it comes to finding the right supplier or company. It can be really time-consuming especially since there are just too many traders out there. Getting the company offering the cheapest prices is also not a good idea. Thinking of the competitors who also import goods abroad, quality also has to be there. Nowadays, consumers do not just consider the price but even the quality as well. Businessmen have to make sure that before they import goods, they are assured of quality.

Latin Compras-Import Goods

Latin Compras-Import Goods

Lessen Costs When You Import Products from China

Price is always the primary consideration before a buyer will purchase a particular product or item. No matter how good the quality of the product in the market it when the buyer does not have the capacity to pay for the price or if he has the means, but would rather look for an alternative, he will have the tendency to look for other options, your products might not be easily saleable.

This affordability in price is the reason why there is an increasing number of businessmen who want to import products from China. Buying the products and materials that they need locally can be really expensive. If do not want to lose your competitive edge in the market then you have to import products from a country that can produce these items at lower prices. In this case, China is the best option.

Comparing the prices of Chinese goods, you can easily see the difference. Once you decide to import products from Chinese traders, you can definitely have the chance to put up a higher markup for the items that you want to resell in the market. To import products from China allows you to avail low prices without having to compromise the quality.

Along the process of wanting to import products abroad, the question now is how to find a reliable supplier. It might appear as if it is easy to import products especially now that countries from across the globe adopt free trade. But in reality, the process to import products in another country is a different thing. Of course, you have to consider your options. Where do you get the contact details and how can you be sure that the company you want to import products from is indeed reliable? These concerns are addressed once you decide to get a purchasing agent who can help you. A procurement sourcing company allows you to import products in the most efficient way.

Latin Compras-Import Products

Latin Compras-Import Products

Get Low Cost Chinese Products for Your Business

China is one of the largest manufacturers of different kinds of products and items in the world today. From clothes, gadgets, appliances to house items, name it, they all produce these products. With a wide variety of products that they are mass producing, many suppliers export from China. They need to sell their products to international buyers across the globe.

No wonder there are many businessmen who want to take the opportunity of getting companies who export from China because of its low costs. In connecting to any of these companies, you need to contact company offering procurement services.

It is easy for a company to export from China. The Chinese government has become more liberalized when it comes to open and free trade. But the trading and other negotiations do not stop from import and export from China to other countries. There has to be an official and reliable intermediary.

On the side of the suppliers who export from China, it is not that easy to find a trading partner who will purchase their products. With the help of a procurement sourcing company, the trading networks are easily bridged and connected. Companies who export from China can now find buyers who are interested to purchase the products that they are producing.

Businessmen in search of affordable and quality products from an international supplier who export from China can fasten the process. Instead of spending a lot of time gathering information to be able to find a Chinese trading partner, they can just contact the procurement sourcing company. It is just a matter of finding a certified and dependable purchasing agent who know about export from China.

The same thing on the side of the companies who export from China, they get the chance to easily reach out to their potential customers in other parts of the globe. The company serving as the intermediary helps both parties gain economic benefits through business and trade.

Latin Compras-Export from China

Latin Compras-Export from China

Things to Consider in Having an Export Company

Having an export company might appear easy as it is considering that it is now much easier for you to penetrate foreign markets. But there are also important factors that can affect the performance of an export company. In this era of globalization, not only do you compete with foreign companies but you also have to compete with another export company in your home country and in some cases, there are more competitors.

In having an export company, you have to consider some factors. First of all, you need to know is it really feasible to produce goods. The next question is how to be able to produce goods in the most cost effective and efficient way. To be a competitive export company, you have to utilize different strategies. The best way to be competitive is to reduce your production and operating costs. In this aspect, you can import goods and other products from other countries. When you decide to import goods, you get to have low prices. If you are using these imported goods to produce another set of products then you can now have the chance to be a competitive export company.

However, it does not stop there. Finding a reliable foreign trading partner will require you to spend some time and exert a lot of effort to find the best option out there. To make things more efficient for your export company, you can just contact a purchasing agent. With the help of a purchasing agent, you do not have to worry and you do not have to deal with the hassle of finding quality foreign trading partners from various countries.

Your purchasing agent can definitely help you in a myriad of ways. With their knowledge and expertise in establishing solid business ties, you can further expand your export company.

Latin Compras-Export Company

Latin Compras-Export Company

Economic Trends for US Exporters

Whether you admit or not, goods produced in other countries specifically China or in another country are relatively cheaper than products produced in the US. For US exporters, this can be seen as a disadvantage or an advantage. If you are going to take this as a disadvantage then it is clear that US exporters will have difficulty in competing with low priced goods in the market.

In this world where customers and clients place high importance on pricing, US exporters might not be able to give low prices to their consumers. But on a positive note, price is not just the sole consideration. Quality is still an important factor. In this case, US exporters can definitely compete with foreign goods.

The challenge now for US exporters is to be able to produce goods that can compete not just in terms of quality but also in terms of price. For those who are manufacturing certain products, US exporters have to find alternatives when it comes to materials and other products needed to produce the final goods.

This is where the advantage comes in. Through the importation of other products, US exporters can definitely avail low cost materials that they can use to produce the products that they are going to export. The decision of US exporters to import goods from other countries would require them to have contacts of foreign suppliers and companies.

Reaching out to foreign trading networks can be really difficult. Considering the distance and the language barrier, the transactions will not be that easy. But with the help of a purchasing agent, US exporters do not have to spend a lot of time just to be able to find a quality and reliable international trading partner. Procurement services aim to help both parties to close business and trading deals much faster and more efficiently.

Latin Compras-US Exporters

Latin Compras-US Exporters

Is It worth It to Import Products from China?

A lot of people who want to purchase certain products and items would want to import from China. For them, this is the most logical thing to do. Instead of buying products from other countries that are more expensive, why not import from China. All products and other goods manufactured in China are way cheaper than other countries. For businessmen, this is a very promising opportunity especially those who want to resell different products and items.

If you want to offer affordable products to your customers, you really have to import from China. Whether you are buying clothes, gadgets, house items and other products for resale, you can all import from China.

The difference of the prices is just too wide that even American firms shift their manufacturing plants in China just to reduce costs. Once you decide to import from China, you can enjoy the lowest prices ever. In turn, this helps your business grow since you can offer affordable products to your customers and clients. However, you should also make sure that before you import from China, you know that the products are of good quality.

Unfortunately, this is not something that you will be able to know. Without information and details, it is just difficult to assess and weigh your options. But the good news is that before you import from China, you can actually contact a purchasing agent specializing in procurement services.

With the expertise of a procurement sourcing company, it is now much easier to import from China. At least, you know which companies can offer you low cost products without having to worry about the quality. The transaction is expected to be faster and more efficient since there is an intermediary. Now, you can import from China and get to avail the lowest priced goods.

Latin Compras-Import from China

Latin Compras-Import from China

Procurement Sourcing Services: What to Consider

Once you finally have your own business, the main goal is how to maximize profit and reduce costs given the constraints. In today’s world where almost all industries are competitive, you cannot afford to lax. Your business might get lagged behind. When a market is competitive, not only do you have to provide quality products to your clients, you also have to offer lower prices.

This is basically the reason why many business firms avail procurement sourcing services. Before, the need for procurement sourcing is still not that important. But considering the heavy competition, you need to find other suppliers or you need to find other trading networks that can give you the products that you need. With a procurement sourcing company, you will not have a hard time in finding trading partners in other countries. The process is made faster and easier.

Factors that You Have to Consider

In getting a procurement sourcing company, you need to consider some factors. First of all, you need to get a reliable and dependable procurement sourcing company. Getting the products that you need by importing from other countries is never an easy thing. You need to look at the process, the legal aspects and the trading negotiations of importing goods.

Since your business operation will depend on the imported products that you are going to purchase, you have to look for a quality procurement sourcing company.

Price and Quality

The very essence as to why you avail procurement sourcing services is that you want to reduce your costs. Buying the things that you need in your own country will not allow you to do have affordable prices. Only by importing some products will you get the chance to lessen costs. All throughout the process, an established and credible procurement sourcing company can assist you.

Latin Compras-Procurement Sourcing Services

Latin Compras-Procurement Sourcing Services

Key Issues and Challenges in the US Export Industry

The world has become more open and liberal when it comes to business and trade. With most economies in the East and West now adopting liberal trade policies, competition gets tougher. This is the case for the US export industry. If you have business where you have US export goods and other products, you need to find ways in order to keep abreast of the current demands.

The necessary products and merchandise needed by business enterprises vary depending on the nature of business. But if you manufacture goods and you are in need of raw materials, you cannot afford to shoulder high costs. To be able to offer low cost US export pricing in the market, you need to import materials and other items that you need abroad.

Since many countries now offer different products and services, you will not have a hard time in handling your US export business. We know that because of tough competition, many US export business incur great losses. One of the main reasons behind the shutting down of US export business is because of price competition. Without a doubt, US products offer good quality to its customers and clients.

However, considering that price will always be one of the major considerations of many customers all over the world then any US export business has to find ways to be competitive. Relying on products and other items produced in the home country can significantly affect the prices of the manufactured products. To avail low cost materials and other items to sustain your US export business, you really have to import goods from countries known to offer low costs.

In doing this, you have to find a reliable procurement sourcing company who can assist and help you get a reliable business partner in other parts of the globe. Importing goods allow you to keep you US export business alive.

Latin Compras-US Export

Latin Compras-US Export

Reduce Cost When You Import

Having your own business requires a lot of effort. Apart from the dedication, you also have to make sure that your business operation runs smoothly. In searching for the necessary products that you need, you always have to go for the lowest price without having to compromise the quality.

Save Money with US Import

If you are having your business in the United States, you really need to look for a US import company who can help you find the materials and other products that you need. For one, you can actually save money with US imports.

Nowadays, economies are heavily integrated with one another. This allows trading partners and various businessmen to look for certain products at lower prices. You can now get materials that you need in low cost producing countries like China.

Cost Effective Business Operation

To get the optimal profit for your business, there is really a need to cut down costs. Instead of having products that are too costly, you can now avail the items that you need at affordable prices. When you incur low cost when it comes to the inputs that you need, you will not have any difficulty in getting high profits for your business.

Where to Contact a US Import Company

To import the necessary products that you need, you can easily contact a US import company. In this kind of business, there are several companies offering procurement services. To ensure quality products for your business, you need to get a reliable and credible US import company. Latin Compras offers different services that will help you find best deals with ease and comfort. With the help of a US import company, you do not have to spend a lot of time getting the right trading partner for your business.

By browsing the official website of a US import company like Latin Compras, you can expedite the process of getting a quality and reliable supplier in China or in other countries.

Latin Compras-US Import Company

Latin Compras-US Import Company